The Office of the Bond Program Monitor (BPM) conducts investigations to detect fraud, waste, and abuse in the Bond Program.

Investigations performed by the Bond Program Monitor for the LACCD Bond Program represent a major area of assignments appropriate to the BPM’s mission and authority. Investigations may be conducted from information received via the Whistleblower Hotline Program or information of irregular activities found during a review or audit. Investigations are prioritized and initiated based upon the BPM’s identification of high-risk areas relative to the Bond Program.

The BPM uses a variety of approaches, including investigative and forensic audit techniques, to gather and assess evidence related to alleged wrongdoing, a potential violation of laws, regulations, policies, and procedures, or other abuses that impact negatively on the ability of the Bond Program management and staff to effectively and efficiently carry out their duties.

All investigations begin by obtaining sufficient factual evidence for use to determine whether criminal, civil, or administrative actions are likely to be initiated against the specific parties for their actions or lack of actions. In the course of any investigation, the BPM may also identify high-risk areas where internal controls should be strengthened. Any such findings are immediately brought to the attention of the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees for implementation of corrective measures.